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A Breach of Silence’s third album Secrets boasts a marked progression in the band’s sound. Bigger, bolder, better and brighter than ever before, Secrets is an album that sticks in the mind. I’ve really enjoyed following this band’s development and progress over the years, and I have to say that Secrets is their most complete-sounding album to date. It really is a damn good listen, so make sure you check it out.

Well then, without further preamble, let’s have a listen to what guitarist Mat Cosgrove has to say about Secrets, and the things A Breach of Silence have kept hidden until now…

What are your influences?

We have a bunch of influences and they range from Johnny Cash to Metallica. But main influences have been bands like Killswitch Engage, As I lay Dying, Iron Maiden, Unearth, The Offspring, and like I said before Johnny Cash. They are just some influences.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

– Trivium – In Waves. Man that surprised me. But that song is rad by trivium.
Wovenwar – All the new Wovenwar is awesome. I really dig how that band has gone from As I Lay Dying to their first album to now. I think they got their sound right. And it’s rad.
– We Came as Romans – Wasted Age – Awesome song.
– Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse – very cool song.
Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns – These dudes are not my thing. But I have been listening to this song heaps…such a rad chorus. So I guess my thing now??

Tell us about Secrets. What’s the significance of the album title?

The significance behind the album title is that everyone has secrets. However holding those inside in some cases is not a good idea. So we wrote an album to talk about out secrets in a way. Each song is an inside look at each member. Where we have been personally, what we love, how we’ve felt. It’s a bit of a journey as such. The album scores its name from the title track secrets. The song which talks about knowing someone’s secret even though we know about them. It’s kind of a take on bullshit really. I.E. When say like the media tells you something and you know there is another side of the story or they are only telling you what they want to sell the story. We just want people to have an open mind!!

Secrets marks a larger progression in your sound than previous – how would you compare Secrets to your first two albums?

That is a wonderful thing to hear. A progression in our sound. Because we agree with 100% so stoked you are picking up what we are putting down. It compares only in the fact that it is still A Breach of Silence. We are still heavy, but this time around we concentrated on the songwriting skills. We focused the music around the vocals instead of the other way round. i.e. vocals around the guitar riffs and drums. This album is more melodic and catchy. And after some people’s initial shock of the evolution of the band, I think most people will embrace the sound. Like I said it’s still heavy, it just focuses on all the songs more wholly and it’s an album that is sing along too!!

Why did you choose to cover The Weeknd?

Yer it is pretty random. It’s more of one of the obscure songs to do as well. So it certainly wasn’t for exposure. We did it because Rhys and Blair love the song and The Weeknd. Plus we thought we could make it our own. It was a challenge for us to do that. So we did it. Hopefully we pulled it off.

A Breach of Silence Band

How were the songs written?

Kerrod and I started off with pre-production and writing the foundations of the music. It took a while cause we were really pushing the songwriting this time to focus on the whole band and not just guitars and drums and then try and work out vocals later. So after constructing the songs we had Blair and Rhys come round and start laying down different vocals and lyrics and working out what was the best fit vocally and style-wise. We had a fairly good idea of what we wanted to do though. We loved Rhys pitched vocals and when you can make it work it sounds awesome. So we wanted to push that angle with Blair’s vocals working alongside it all. We were stoked how it turned out.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Well there are a few. But I Love Nightcrawler cause of the heaviness and catchy singing. I also love the message it has about media and social media. And that don’t believe everything you hear and see, and let opinionated uneducated people sway what you think. People like that do harm to themselves by the judgement they get from everyone that sees what they say. The guitar riffs are super fun to play as well 🙂

I love Sugar and Spice. We just decided to do something so fun, and this song was the funnest song we have ever done. We wrote it in like 4 hours and we did it all together. So it has a bunch of special moments for me. Yes it’s hair metal, yes it’s crass, and yes it’s out of the box. But it’s meant to be. And if you don’t smile listening to it, you really might not be in a good spot in your life, because it’s fun, hilarious and catchy!!! Still has the A Breach tone and sound to it. We did a metalcore/hair metal song in one.

What goals do you have for Secrets?

We want to tour this album in the USA again. That is one of the main goals. We would love for radio traction to pick it up over in the USA like the last record as well. But mainly we just want to grow the band and the brand. And that means shows, and tours, and awesome people like you guys interviewing us and allowing us to tell people what we are all about.

How do you think your music will progress on future releases?

I think it will evolve more in a way that is still melodic and heavy. We have 2 fantastic singers in the band, so really want to get a great balance with those dudes. Want to try and push some boundaries if we can. But mainly just keep having fun and release more music!!

What’s your view of the state of the metal music industry in 2017?

Man I love that you asked this question, as I have a very solid view on it. Currently I think it’s going through major change. And fast change that has caught most people and industry figures off guard. I mean streaming now has taken over digital album purchases as the main source of music. It did that just in 5 years. Half the time for ITunes to do that to hard copy albums. I think due to the changes there is some improvement that can happen. However the industry to me looks like the adjustment is starting to balance a little. Streaming is a great platform for music but at the moment presents musicians with a large value gap in regards to cash flow and money. I think the first answer is to get rid of ad-based free streams and just allow for subscriptions. But hopefully this will happen in time. If a band can survive over the next 5 years they will be able to adjust and work the industry to survive and make money. However, currently so many bands are struggling. I don’t think fans have the full scope on this. I know labels are struggling, the money that was in the industry just does not exist anymore unless you are Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran. But I mean even those guys would have their profits affected by millions and millions currently.

I think that streaming is the way of the future and that we need to embrace it, however some smart changes are required for it succeed long term. Value back on music needs to be priority. I know the internet has changed everything with pirating, however by embracing that (streaming, allowing all songs for such a small price is a great idea). I think that the subscriptions should allow for more premium things when accessing your platforms so more people pay. And then hopefully people will just do that and ad-based free streaming is not a great option for people. It’s a tough one. We are all learning day by day. But there is some scary stuff happening at a very fast rate and I think people especially involved in the industry need to keep their finger on the pulse. Fans just need to support their bands, buy merch, go to a show, and buy or stream an album enough to get that band to the next town so they can play. I also think the industry should talk about these issues more openly and together so the issue can continue to be improved. But it seems people are frightened about it, and scared that if they speak up they may make it harder for themselves. This is sad. We are all about embracing change, but we want to make it better for everyone. So facts are important, and then solutions are what is needed. And it looks like that is happening, but we need to be vigilant and navigate the best course to survive in the current climate.

What’s the Australian metal scene like from your perspective?

It’s a great scene. It’s small. But if you break a certain level (which is incredibly hard to do) then you can do very well in Australia. There are so many rad bands of high calibre over here. The issue is there are so many limited opportunities for them. But the ones that stick it out, tour, make good music and stay persistent seem to do well. It takes time though. There are very few metal bands that explode overnight. It takes years and years. And then getting the right people behind you to help grow the band and brand. But we love our local scene. It has embraced us here, and we are very grateful.

Where do you think A Breach of Silence fit in to the wider metal music scene?

I have always had trouble answering this. Cause we kind of fit partly into some moulds. We have been known for mostly metalcore, but then we have all sorts of other elements. However, I like to think the metal community is a wide branch and that no matter where you fall, if it sounds good, the band is hard working, and nice dudes, the industry and the fans embrace you 🙂

Do you have any upcoming live shows that you want to talk about?

We have a bunch of live shows coming up in Australia. We are about to announce our album tour actually, but the main show is our main album launch on the 25th of March At the Brightside in Brisbane. $15 at the door. This is where we will be able to showcase a bunch of new songs and whole lot of old ones as well. We are looking forward to it.

What does the rest of 2017 hold for A Breach of Silence?

Releasing the album, tour in Aus (probably a few) and then we are in the midst of organising to get back to the states and showcasing the new album and hopefully building the band and brand to new and old fans 🙂

Any final words?

Thanks heaps for taking the time to ask us the questions. Really appreciate it. We would just like to say to fans, to please give this album a few listens before you make any judgement. We really think you will love it.


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