Endogenic – Hunter (Review)

EndogenicEndogenic are a Norwegian metal band and this is their debut album.

Endogenic play groove/thrash metal with a sprinkling of death metal added in here and there for good measure. Following on from the likes of Pantera, Lamb of God, etc., Hunter is 41 minutes of hard-rocking riffs, tasty grooves and loud beats.

The singer has a positively rabid snarl that’s a little more extreme than normal for this kind of music. This is a good thing, as is the fact that his voice isn’t overly high in the mix either.

The music is riff-hungry and has a Southern twang to some of it, in keeping with some of their influences. This Southern rocking edge is beefed up by the thrash grooves and a bucketful of confidence and belligerent attitude.

One thing that holds back a lot of groove metal-type bands in my opinion is that they don’t let loose with the speed enough. With this in mind, I like the fact that Endogenic aren’t afraid to play fast when they need to. It helps inject a bit of variety and dynamics into proceedings, not to mention ramping up the aggression levels. You’ve gotta love thrash metal.

The album is nicely recorded with a strong sound. No problems here.

Endogenic obviously have a clear vision for their music, one which they realise well on their first release. This clarity of intent has resulted in Hunter being one of the more enjoyable examples of groove/thrash metal out there today. The band’s delivery is more aggressive than that of many of their contemporary peers; backed up with some good songwriting, Endogenic are consequently better than many of them too.

Highly recommended.

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