Mindkult – Witch’s Oath (Review)

MindkultThis is the debut EP from Mindcult, a one-man doom metal band from the US.

This is fuzzy doom rock with an addictive edge that lures the listener in, seductively, with wily allure.

A large part of this is down to the singer’s voice, which croons with such a confident, dark aura that it’s almost as if you’ve known what he’s saying for your entire life, but you’re only now just awakening to his truth.

Or something.

It’s with no small amount of charisma that he operates, in the shadows, breathing occult atmospheres into the proto-metallic music.

He reminds me of Dax Riggs in some ways, especially when he, (Dax Riggs), indulges his doomier, darker side. Imagine this mixed with a bit of classic Black Sabbath, and you’ll have an idea of Mindkult’s style and impact.

The vocals may be the main stars of the show, but they would be much less effective if the music wasn’t doing its thing too. Said music is ancient-sounding doom metal, primeval and atavistic, shot though with emotive melodies and a hint of Southern rock, once more recalling some of Dax Riggs’ work.

The production is lo-fi, primitive, and perfectly suits the underground, mysterious feeling that shrouds this release like a bad omen.

Very impressive.

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