Spill Your Guts – The Wrath It Takes (Review)

Spill Your Guts - The Wrath It TakesSpill Your Guts are a blackened hardcore band from China and this is their second album.

The promo blurb states the following bands as influences on Spill Your Guts – Turbonegro, Kvelertak, Trap Them,
Every Time I Die, The Bronx,
All Pigs Must Die, Refused, and Shai Hulud – and these serve as a decent starting point for approaching the 31 minutes of material that makes up The Wrath It Takes.

The music blends the caustic aggression and dark extremity of black metal with the meaty groove and uplifting melodies of old-school hardcore. It’s an approach which is less common in blackened hardcore, as usually bands that have that tag end up swamped in darkness and malevolence. Unusually, Spill Your Guts have not gone down that route. Instead they use the black metal to simply underline those darker aspects of the music, but aren’t afraid to also embrace some of the more positive and feel-good aspects of the punk side of their sound.

Due to the above, the blackened side of the band is the smaller side, as the hardcore is typically the more dominant one at any given point. It’s still there though, and makes its presence felt appropriately. The hardcore is heavy and likable, taking clear influence from the bands mentioned above.

There’s an undeniable energy from Spill Your Guts’ stylistic friction, which helps the band to deliver an enjoyable take on the subgenre. These songs are life-affirming and defiant in the face of adversity; the black metal part of their sound is merely a tool to represent the harshness of existence.

The Wrath It Takes is an enjoyable album filled with energy and passion. It will make you want to move and has enough hooks, solid riffs, and anthemic qualities to ensure that you do.

Make sure you check this out.

Highly recommended.

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