L’Incendio – L’Incendio (Review)

L'IncendioL’Incendio are an extreme metal band from Italy. This is their debut album.

L’Incendio have a death metal core that they build on with elements of other sub-genre styles, fleshing out their well-rounded assault in a wider-ranging way than many of their peers.

Combining atmosphere and accessibility into their extreme metal assault, they incorporate elements of progressive, atmospheric and melodic death metal into their delivery.

If you take a death metal base, build on it with the melodic nature of Soilwork, the harshness of Meshuggah, the atmospherics of Nero di Marte, (including a touch of Fallujah), as well as some of the progressive might of Between the Buried and Me and a bit of Voices, you’ll have an idea of the kind of ambitious music that this album is made up of.

Clean vocals are frequently used, and not just for choruses either. Growled vocals make up the majority of the rest of the singer’s performance, and he has the kind of throaty, dry roar that fits this style of music.

The songs cover a lot of ground during this 46 minutes, and they’re well-composed, striking the right balance between extremity and atmosphere. The band play their instruments with obvious skill and there’s more than enough emotive delivery amidst the heavier aspects of their sound to hook the listener in.

This is music for metal fans that want something a bit different to the norm. With character, execution and songs, this is a very enjoyable album that should hopefully find them being picked up by a label soon and given much support, as on the strength of this release they seem to deserve it.

Highly recommended.

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