Six-Score – Lebensräume (Review)

Six-ScoreSix-Score are an Austrian Grindcore band, and this is their second album.

This is modern-edged grind with plenty of aggression and attitude.

Hardcore and punk influences can be heard alongside quite a few d-beat and crust ones, all mixed in with some metal and grinding ferocity. The parts that are injected with more d-beat and punk stylings are quite energetic, and overall the band take the various elements that they’re composed of and merge them together well.

There’s a good mix of galloping speed, surgical blasting and pummelling groove throughout these 18 tracks, (one of which is a Nasum cover, which ably shows off one of their prime influences).

Touches of melody appear sporadically, although the main focus is on abrasive harshness and brutality. These songs typically fall between the 1-2 minute mark; short enough to not mess around, but lengthy enough to have a good variety of assault within them.

The vocals mainly consist of throat-scraping screams, but deep deathgrowls also appear occasionally, as well as other vocals that are more of a shout.

A very enjoyable and satisfying grind album – check this out.

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