Somnium Nox – Apocrypha (Review)

Somnium NoxThis is the debut release from Somnium Nox, a black metal band from Australia.

Somnium Nox are harbingers of esoteric progressive/atmospheric black metal that plays out over one 16 minute track, revealing an expansive tapestry of music that explores the underground world of black metal with aplomb.

Yes, here we have underground black metal that’s been thrown into the abyss of progressive music and swallowed whole by the darkened atmospheres of the evil spirits that reside within. A mix of Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega and Spectral Lore is a fitting description, I feel.

Dark melodies and atmospheric synths provide emotive context to a core of blackened hate. The music transitions through several movements during its playing time, never moving out of the shadow that it lives under, but never needing to either, as the darkness offers it as much sustenance as it needs.

Moving from darkened blast beats to ambient interludes and subdued reflection, Somnium Nox play their cards well and Apocrypha is a very effective piece of music. I enjoy the mix of progressive/atmospheric styles, and both are used well together to create an involving work of blackened art.

Highly recommended. I look forward to whatever it is that they come up with next.

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