Hostis – Hostis (Review)

HostisHostis are a Serbian death/thrash metal band. This is their debut album.

Holy riff bonanza! This is thrash with a side order of death metal for good effect. Or the other way around, I suppose. Who cares when it shreds so hard that you’ll need bandages?

With a quality guitar sound, there are lots of good, energetic riffs on this release. Taking their cues from some of the old-school thrash greats, the guitars are one of the highlights of this release for me, fashioning soundscapes out of distortion and blinding the listener with shredding solos and melodic leads.

All of these leads/solos show off the band’s melodic side very well, leaving plenty of crunch left for the rhythm guitars to do their thing. And they do it sooooo well.

Vocals don’t appear util the second song, Beneath the Machinery of Demise, and reveal themselves to be quite tasty deathgrowls. These sound very pleasing alongside the crunch and flourish of the guitars, backing up the impressive music with some base brutality.

The band clearly have a talent for crafting thrash songs that are more than just a collection of riffs, (no matter how good), as everything flows and fits together extremely well. The tracks give the impression of stories being told and journeys being taken, all via the medium of distortion. On top of this you have some death metal aggression to keep things anchored, and the entire thing smacks of a talented band ably demonstrating what they can do to a, (probably, sadly), uncaring world.

But care I do, and you should too. This album has really impressed me. If you’re a fan of music that merges death and thrash metal together to create something really, really good, then this is pretty much essential.

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