Aktaion – Throne (Review)

AktaionThis is the début album by Swedish Metal band Aktaion.

This is sharp Melodic Metal that combines high-energy aggressive Melodic Death Metal with more restrained and emotive choruses. Elements of Thrash and Progressive Metal also raise their heads, (only to bang them all the harder).

This is a less commercial take on the In Flames/Soilwork style of Metal; the aggressive parts are more aggressive and the songs on Throne are largely longer and more exploratory than the norm. Why compare to these bands then? Well, simply because when the band rein in the screaming, the cleaners chorus parts rival anything their more commercial contemporaries are doing.

This is why I still enjoy this kind of music. There is still a place for the big, catchy chorus in Metal, all the more so when it’s surrounded by proper, aggressive Melodic Death Metal that’s way more aggressive and nasty than you normally find accompanying such sterling singing.

Aktion are essentially part of a new-breed of Metal bands that take their Death Metal roots and add a Metalcore radio-friendliness to it. The fact that they then ruin their radio-friendliness with razorblade riffs and shrieking screams does nothing but endear them to me all the more.

The length of the songs allows the band the room to really show their technical skill and show off what they’re capable of. There are some really good examples of songwriting here that sees the band taking in everything from the Swedish assault of Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates, to the stomp of Pantera, to the modern edge of Killswitch Engage and to the Progressive angle of Communic.

I like this a lot. For those times when you want a chorus you can sing along to, but still want those metal chops and a real bite, Aktaion hit the spot.


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