Blood Mortized – The Demon, The Angel, The Disease (Review)

Blood MortizedThis is Swedish Death Metal group Blood Mortized’s third album and they’re not messing around.

The sound is excellent and cannot be faulted, with strong musicianship and songwriting to back it up. Songs are catchy and memorable, yet retain depth that allows them to pass the repeated listening test.

Played right, Swedish Death Metal is a devastating force and this album is finely crafted by experts. There is an energy to these songs that can’t be denied; you may have heard Swedish Death Metal before but rarely has it sounded this invigorated and vital. Someone has shocked a whole boat-load of electricity into this cadaver and there’s life in the old corpse yet!

There are subtleties at play here though which elevate this above the normal; little touches and moments here and there that make the most of the songs and allow them to be even better then they might otherwise be. This is at least partly due to an exceptional use of melody, sometimes blatant; sometimes understated; these moments merge into the Swedish chainsaw sound and enhance it immensely.

The vocals are also worthy of note; otherworldly bellowing and growling that are a perfect companion to the music. The combination together delivers a really menacing sound.

This is the kind of album that renews your love with an easily stale sub-genre. Take the time out to revisit it in the form of Blood Mortized and break out the chainsaws again!

Wan – Enjoy the Filth (Review)

WanDirty Black Metal from Sweden, brought to you with raw punk attitude. Halfway between crust and Darkthrone. If you enjoy bands such as Black Witchery and Watchmaker this is for you.

Short, sharp songs are the order of the day, but they are not the blast-fests you might expect. Mid-paced malevolence rules the roost here for the most part. This is almost like a hardcore band discovering some black metal riffs to go alongside their normal fare and then recording it in a distinctly Black Metal way. Not too far removed from Teen Cthulhu in that respect, only with more of a Darkthrone-esque influence here I suppose.

Obnoxious, Satanic underground evil seeps from the speakers as you play this. You can actually feel the grime. This is the perfect album to stick on when you’re in a foul mood and want everyone around you to just fuck off and die. What more can be said?


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Arfsynd – Hesychia (Review)

ArfsyndHailing from Sweden; Arfsynd play underground Black Metal with plenty of both melody and bite. The overall feeling conjured by this album is one of an evil majesty.

Epic, soaring melodies juxtapose against solid Black Metal drums while a distinctly non-standard Black Metal voice shouts over the top of it. The slight clash of styles, (simplicity of the drums, brutal hoarseness of the vocals, epic melodies and riffs), works better than it might otherwise sound, coming together to create songs of real character that are instantly memorable and enjoyable.

As touched on; the vocals are not the normal Black Metal shrieking that you may expect; rather they are hoarse, ugly, shouted things – someone has been dredged up from the bowels of Hades to provide these vocals and they are making sure that their mark is felt. Extra vocal styles are used to accompany the main ones throughout this release, adding another layer and further interest to the music.

With this album though it’s always the intricate, impressive use of melody that I return to. The guitars and bass are used expertly to provide such a wealth of feeling and depth that the music sounds alive and vital.

This is no run-of-the-mill colder-than-thou generic Black Metal. This is real, living, vibrant and essential. Highly enjoyable.