Hegemony – Demo MMXVI (Review)

HegemonyThis is the debut demo from Hegemony, a blackened death metal band from the US.

This is ugly, ugly stuff. Raw black metal is mixed with bestial, underground death metal to create the kind of twisted, chaotic mindfuck that would make Revenge proud.

The delivery and performance on these tracks is utterly uncompromising, rising out of the underground like a hideous monster ready to drag victims back down into its underground lair and tear them apart.

The music is barely coherent, held together by bloodied duct tape and infected spikes. For all of the seeming chaos though, the band do appear to know what they’re doing, with a vague battle plan at hand while they smash in your skull with wild, frenzied blows.

I like the fuzzed-up guitar sound and the vocalist’s pitch-black growls. I also like the speeds they play at; fast and furious, with little regard for the collateral consequences. They also slow down here and there, revealing a doom/death side to them that is not dissimilar in spirit to that of a band like Autopsy, although I should note that the majority of the delivery on this demo is high-speed.

There’s not a lot of melody or atmosphere on this release, but when it does appear it’s done well and fits into the overall theme of evil and destruction, (there’s a great example of this about 2/3rds of the way thorough Driven by Hedonistic Vice).

With three songs that are ugly and warped enough to cause actual physical damage, this is an impressive debut for this band. I could easily see myself listening to a full-length of this stuff. Bring on their next release!

Highly recommended for fans of the underground.


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