Thecodontion – Jurassic (Review)

Thecodontion - JurassicThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their second release.

Thecodontion first appeared on my metallic radar with their self-titled debut demo at the start of 2018. It immediately blew me away. I had to find out more. Feral and ugly, consisting of prehistoric-themes and guitar-less bass-driven, mayhem, it was a real shot of belligerent adrenaline.

So here we are now, roughly a year later, with the band offering up just under 10 minutes of fury and rage. Holy crap, it’s like being blown away all over again. Thecodontion are like a destructive force of nature.

I stand by my general description in my previous review of a mix between Revenge and Venom, only with ALL OF THE BASS. ALL OF IT! If anything Jurassic is a rougher, nastier distillation of bands like those two, merging together old-school metal with vicious blackened grindcore and tons of filthy bass to create songs that hit you in the face over and over again.

It’s hard to pick a highlight, although the sheer punk ferocity of closer Breviparopus Taghbaloutensis (Legacy of the Trackmaker Unknown) is hard to beat, especially with its jagged mid-section. However, all four tracks are exemplars in what can be done with the barest of instruments, an intelligently atypical theme, and a skilled use of atavistic songcraft.

Enough of this – just go out and get this will you?

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