Thecodontion – Thecodontia (Review)

ThecodontionThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their debut demo.

At only 13 minutes in length, the duration of this demo is still enough to get across the sheer blackened fury of the band. This is intense stuff.

Taking themes from prehistoric times and boasting the use of three basses in place of any guitars, this is an unusual release, but by crikey is it a cracker. This is noisy, ugly, and incredibly effective.

The songs are, (mostly), short and brutal, consisting of belligerent compositions that may lack in subtlety, but make up for it with raw power and force. They’re surprisingly memorable affairs too, as not only is the blistering speed played very well, but the slower bass riffs are quite tasty indeed.

To me this sounds like an unholy cross between the chaotic mayhem of Revenge and the grooving song-smarts of Venom. Mixing these two together probably sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it very much does, especially when everything is smothered in thick, fuzzy bass. Bloody hell, I really like this.

Okay, I’ll try to to remain a little objective, (which is hard, not only because a love of music is inherently subjective, but also because of how DAMN GOOD THECODONTION ARE), and say that there’s still room for development here, but I can’t help the fact that I’ve fallen for this hard, and I’m absolutely stoked to hear what the band do in the future.

Get this. Get this now.

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