Ophis – Spew Forth Odium (Review)

Ophis - Spew Forth OdiumOphis are a German death/doom band and this is their fifth album.

I do like Ophis’ work. 2014’s Abhorrence in Opulence and The Dismal Circle were both crushing records, and Spew Forth Odium is no different in this regard. Featuring members of Fvneral Fvkk and Todtgelichter, Ophis know their chosen art form well, and Spew Forth Odium contains 64 minutes of foul underground heaviness and gloom. Continue reading “Ophis – Spew Forth Odium (Review)”

Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions (Review)

Funeral Fvkk - Carnal ConfessionsThis is the debut album from German doom metal band Fvneral Fvkk.

Fvneral Fvkk play darkly epic doom metal that’s heavy, melodic, and big on emotive depth. Featuring a member of the mighty Ophis, the band have outdone themselves with their songwriting, delivery, and overall quality of this album. Continue reading “Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions (Review)”

Onirophagus – Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction) (Review)

Onirophagus - Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction)Onirophagus are a Spanish death/doom metal band and this is their second album.

The phrase ‘crushing doom’ was made for a band like Onirophagus. Well, ‘crushing death/doom’ is more accurate I suppose, but it probably doesn’t matter too much. The operative word here is ‘crushing’. Continue reading “Onirophagus – Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction) (Review)”

Ophis – The Dismal Circle (Review)

OphisOphis are a German doom band and this is their fourth album.

I fell strongly for the sheer heaviness and prolonged darkness of Abhorrence in Opulence. This was an hour’s worth of supremely heavy and miserable music, and The Dismal Circle is little different in this regard.

Continue reading “Ophis – The Dismal Circle (Review)”

Ophis – Abhorrence in Opulence (Review)

OphisThis is the third album from Germany’s Ophis. They play Funeral Doom Metal.

For the most part this colossal album is a slow-moving beast of depression and negativity, encapsulated in morbid Doom Metal.

Ophis do have a Death Metal influence, however, which rears its ugly head now and again, most noticeably on the final track Resurrectum.

The songs are long and the mood bleak. There is no light in the world of Ophis, only varying shades of grey and pain.

For reference points think bands such as Monolithe, Eye of Solitude, (old) Anathema, (old) My Dying Bride, etc.

The band boast a crushing production that allows the slowness to unveil at its own pace. The strong drum sound underpins everything whilst the guitars chug and wail. Plaintive melodies and downbeat auras pervade everything, with these being overlain by the deep growls of the vocalist.

This is a long and involving album that lasts the course and doesn’t get boring. The added Death Metal influences mean it doesn’t become stale or one dimensional and the songs have enough top riffs and melodies to satisfy fans of this style.

Ophis have produced an album that may be rooted in everything miserable and depressing but that I, for one, find really enjoyable and worthy.

Check them out.