Ophis – Spew Forth Odium (Review)

Ophis - Spew Forth OdiumOphis are a German death/doom band and this is their fifth album.

I do like Ophis’ work. 2014’s Abhorrence in Opulence and The Dismal Circle were both crushing records, and Spew Forth Odium is no different in this regard. Featuring members of Fvneral Fvkk and Todtgelichter, Ophis know their chosen art form well, and Spew Forth Odium contains 64 minutes of foul underground heaviness and gloom.

Spew Forth Odium is a crushing record, like its predecessors, but it’s also melodic and immersive in ways that potentially outstrip the band’s already high quality past work. Ophis have always been able to write good doom, but this latest album boasts some of their best songwriting so far in their career. For an album on the lengthier side, it holds your attention like something twice as energetic and half the length. The music has a death metal side to it that doesn’t hurt in this regard either, as ably demonstrated by the start of a track like Conflagration Eternal.

The dark funereal melodies are atmospheric and absorbing. Ophis draw you into their world easily with their well-written music. Each of the six songs are colossal slabs of doom, yet each has its own dismal charms to entice the listener in and keep them close. One of the things I like about Ophis is the attention to detail in the songs. The heavy guitars don’t just play slow riffs, but slow riffs that have been calibrated to work in seamless synergy with the rest of the music to produce a grim, atmospheric whole that’s enticing.

Ophis know doom, and on Spew Forth Odium they display an easy mastery of it. Melodic, emotive, and crushingly well-delivered, Spew Forth Odium is an impressive piece of work.

Very highly recommended.

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