Obsolete – Animate//Isolate (Review)

Obsolete - Animate​IsolateThis is the debut album from US death metallers Obsolete.

Obsolete play a technical mix of death metal with thrash elements. This is then peppered progressive, dissonant, and avant-garde influences to produce a 37-minute album that exceeds expectations. Imagine a combination of Death and Atheist, only with more Continue reading “Obsolete – Animate//Isolate (Review)”

Obsolete – Riven (Review)

ObsoleteObsolete are from the US and play Progressive Rock. This is their latest EP.

This is a band who play melodic music that has a good energy to it.

The melodic vocals have a dark edge to them, somewhere between System of a Down, Autumnblaze, Breed 77 and Ignite. Musically this doesn’t fall too far from the mark either, actually.

It’s an interesting combination that sees the band delivering upbeat rockers and acoustic ballads with ease.

The band have largely good songwriting skills and clearly have ambitions for themselves, as well they should. Although some of the compositions are a little rough around the edges, this is nothing that a bit of practice and time won’t solve as all of the essential components are present and correct; a little polish here and there is all that’s required.

Riven suffers from not having the best recording, which primarily manifests itself when the distorted guitars kick in. It’s not an awful sound by any means, but it’s just something to be improved on for the future.

This EP shows great promise for the band. A few recording improvements and a little bit of tightening up and I think they could be a force to be reckoned with.

Give them a listen and see what you think.