Wretched of the Earth – Collapse//Rebirth (Review)

Wretched of the Earth - Collapse - RebirthWretched of the Earth are a crust band from the US and this is their latest album.

Collapse//Rebirth contains 28 minutes of visceral material. Combining Dark hardcore, crust, d-beat, and neocrust into seven infectious songs, this is an engaging and very moreish collection of tracks. Continue reading “Wretched of the Earth – Collapse//Rebirth (Review)”

Myteri – Myteri (Review)

MyteriMyteri are a crust/punk band from Sweden and this is their debut album.

Myteri combine crust and punk influences into 27 minutes of roiling hardcore, recalling a mix of Poison Idea, Fredag Den 13:e and Martyrdöd.

With a very unassuming cover, along with the brief intro track, this seems to Continue reading “Myteri – Myteri (Review)”