Myteri – Myteri (Review)

MyteriMyteri are a crust/punk band from Sweden and this is their debut album.

Myteri combine crust and punk influences into 27 minutes of roiling hardcore, recalling a mix of Poison Idea, Fredag Den 13:e and Martyrdöd.

With a very unassuming cover, along with the brief intro track, this seems to speak of post-metal more than anything else, although once you hit the first song proper, all this is dispelled and the fury of the band is unleashed.

The songs are powered by d-beats and bile, raging and cursing for all they’re worth. This is a musical outlet for all of the feelings that the band have welling up inside and need to vent, which they do so with great enthusiasm.

Endless melodies seem to be added to the energetic rhythm guitars, and the band have a curious mix of darkness and light in their sound, almost as if all hope has been lost, except, just maybe, for one small glimmer which they are doing their best to save from being extinguished; this is what their sound evokes in me, at any rate.

Bands like this always seem full of energy, and the relentlessly upbeat songs harness this for every scrap of power. Having said that though, my favourite songs here are the ones like Deforestation and Från Vaggan Till Graven, which mix up the style a bit; the d-beat hardcore is still the main feast, but there’s a little more variety in the delivery, with slower, introspective/atmospheric parts included alongside the rest of the aural carnage.

If you’re into this kind of d-beat influenced hardcore/crust/punk, check this out.

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