Wretched of the Earth – Collapse//Rebirth (Review)

Wretched of the Earth - Collapse - RebirthWretched of the Earth are a crust band from the US and this is their latest album.

Collapse//Rebirth contains 28 minutes of visceral material. Combining Dark hardcore, crust, d-beat, and neocrust into seven infectious songs, this is an engaging and very moreish collection of tracks.

The music mixes simple violence with emotional depth, resulting in songs that deal in both in varying amounts, depending on the needs of the necessary sections of each individual track. The band weave the various parts of their sound together well, letting the songwriting gel everything together into music that’s obviously just brimming with the emotive passion of the band members.

There’s both texture and nuance here, alongside the heavier, more aggressive aspects of the music. When the d-beats are pounding and the guitars are raging, it’s not long before a more reflective, emotive section takes its place. When this is done building atmosphere for a while, we might get a heavier section come in once more, slow and deliberately maintaining mood. At other moments the listener is subjected to the full force of the band’s dark anger, while at others they seem sated, and enter into a introspective period.

As you can tell from the above, a lot of ground is covered in less than half an hour. Also, something like this could easily become disjointed if it were handled incorrectly. Thankfully, however, the band tie everything together well, and the crustier, hardcore energy that forms the bulk of the material successfully blends with the more emotive, textured parts of the music mostly quite seamlessly.

An involving album of depth and aggressive energy, Collapse//Rebirth is a highly enjoyable album, and recommended for fans of bands such as Morrow, Fall of Efrafa, Nux Vomica, Myteri, Agrimonia, and Dark Circles.

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