Monthly Overview – the Best of April 2020

As it is every month, April’s releases were a hard bunch to whittle down to just a worthy few. I’ve settled on just the five below to highlight, but be aware that I’ve left out many other damn good records. Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of April 2020”

Helfró – Helfró (Review)

Helfró - HelfróHelfró are a black metal band from Iceland and this is their debut album.

Helfró originally briefly saw the light of day in 2018, but is now getting a fresh lease of life via Season of Mist. This appears to be the ‘proper’ release of the album, and it’s been well worth the wait it seems. This new version seems to have an extra song included this time around that opens up the album’s 37 minutes in great blackened style. Continue reading “Helfró – Helfró (Review)”