Monthly Overview – the Best of April 2020

As it is every month, April’s releases were a hard bunch to whittle down to just a worthy few. I’ve settled on just the five below to highlight, but be aware that I’ve left out many other damn good records.

Wvrm - Colony Collapse

Snarling, hostile, angry grind rarely sounds as good as this does. WVRM have impressed in the past, but it seems that Colony Collapse is where all of their hard work has really paid off. This is explosively destructive stuff.

Akurion - Come Forth to Me

Akurion’s masterful Come Forth to Me has been one of my most-spun records so far this year. Delivering adventurous death metal with personality and emotive depth, this album may have been birthed in tragedy, but it transcends its origins with brutal beauty.

Forlesen - Hierophant Violent

Heirophant Violent by Forlesen is a creation of unique art. Multifaceted and richly textured, this is a highly expressive album that presents two epic compositions to the listener, and asks that they immerse themselves fully into these soundscapes. It’s a very easy request to accommodate.

Black Curse - Endless Wound

Endless Wound by Black Curse is like a primordial force of nature. Its death/black/war metal is of the most vicious and base examples of this primitive form, executed by adherents that know it inside and out. An exemplar of filth and malevolence, this is the type of album that is hard to ignore.

Helfró - Helfró

Helfró’s self titled debut is a lethal shard of poisonous black metal fury. Malignant and sharp, the band’s music draws blood with ease, leaving behind deep scars. The only solution to the damage caused is to accept more of it; this is an effortless repeat-listen, and you’ll come to savour the gouges in your flesh.

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