Ennoven – Empty Passes, Silent Trails (Review)

Ennoven - Empty Passes, Silent TrailsThis is the second album from Polish one-man post-black metal band Ennoven.

This is the follow up to 2014’s Redemption, which was a very enjoyable debut record. Empty Passes, Silent Trails, however, is on another level entirely. It contains only four tracks, but lasts 47 minutes, and spans a world of emotion and mood. Continue reading “Ennoven – Empty Passes, Silent Trails (Review)”

Ennoven – Redemption (Review)

EnnovenEnnoven is a one-man atmospheric black metal project from Poland. This is his debut album.

Redemption is just under 35 minutes of atmospheric black metal with post-metal and progressive influences included in its misty embrace.  Continue reading “Ennoven – Redemption (Review)”