Ennoven – Redemption (Review)

EnnovenEnnoven is a one-man atmospheric black metal project from Poland. This is his debut album.

Redemption is just under 35 minutes of atmospheric black metal with post-metal and progressive influences included in its misty embrace. 

This is a very textured release. The album contains sprawling, expansive soundscapes that paint a darkened picture of the natural world. There’s harshness here, of course, just as there is in nature, but there’s also great beauty.

The artist weaves layers of nuance and depth into the music, with colourful resplendent melodies and shaded introspective reflection taking turns at the fore of the songs. There’s a lot of depth and nuance in these tracks, created with ease as the music flows through the playing time like a largely untroubled body of moving water.

The album is very well-played and written, and it’s clear that the guy behind it all is a very talented individual. Some of the progressive elements really add to the narrative of the songs on Redemption, and I especially like some of the long-winded solos/leads that crop up here and there.

I’ve said on previous occasions that my favourite type of vocals for this kind of atmospheric black metal is the extremely high-pitched, low-in-the-mix, almost static-like screaming variety. Guess what we get on Redemption? Yes, exactly this. Very nice.

Redemption is a mature and engaging piece of work that achieves what it sets out to do quite easily. The album contains a lot of content for anyone into textured atmospheric black metal and the entire release is very enjoyable.


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