Burial – Unholy Sedition (Review)

BurialThis is the second album from Black Metal band Burial, who are from the UK.

Burial play raw Black Metal with speed and malice.

Pure venom seems to seep out of every corrupted pore as the band aggressively attack the material with the fervour of the fanatic. The guitars have a very pleasing tone and have that razor-like quality that suits Black Metal so well.

The songs don’t outstay their welcome, and the entire release blurs by in 31 minutes of dark, angry malevolence.

The brutality of the music is threaded through with bands of melody that add a bit of depth to the attack. Some Darkthrone-esque groove is introduced when the band slow the pace a little, and these parts are just as good a listen as their faster brethren.

Throughout the album it’s clear that Burial know how to shape and channel these kind of grim incantations, and the songs are a very enjoyable listen.

Vocally we get traditional blackened screaming which hits the spot nicely, but in addition to this there are also deep growls which are very satisfyingly performed, sounding, as they do, pitch black and evil.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Have a listen and see if they do it for you.