Omnicidal – The Omnicidalist (Review)

Omnicidal - The OmnicidalistThis is the debut album from Swedish death metallers Omnicidal.

The Omnicidalist spends 43 minutes blending both the chainsaw and melodic varieties of old-school Swedish death metal. Sounds tasty? It really is.

Omnicidal take the Swedish Gothenburg sound as embodied by At the Gates and make it heavier and nastier by running it through the Blood Bath chainsaw mill. A few touches of thrash metal and a light blackened influence can be heard in places too. The overall result is of a high quality release that’s very easy to keep on returning to again and again.

This is an album of death metal that’s as as catchy as it is aggressive. It’s an infectious collection of tracks that keep on giving the more you get to know it. The Omnicidalist is very well-written, not only on an individual song basis, but also holistically; the album flows well and allows each song its own personality within the whole.

These songs are packed with riffs. The balance of brutality and melodic power is well-judged, and it’s hard to fault any of the tracks here. The guitars are one highlight of many, and there is no shortage of killer riffs, grooves, and rhythms. There’s also a feast of colourful, expressive, molten metal solos to become burned by.

The singer’s vocals fall into the melodic death metal category – higher, screams that snarl and bare their teeth. I really like the singer’s voice, as he has a real serrated edge to his singing.

The Omnicidalist is ten songs of pure death metal mastery and glory. It’s a very enjoyable and satisfying listen, and is pretty damn essential for any fan of old-school Swedish death metal, no matter the strain.


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