Inexorum – Equinox Vigil (Review)

Inexorum - Equinox VigilThis is the third album from US melodic black metal band Inexorum.

Inexorum play fast-paced melodic black/death metal, combining both styles into a sharp blackened framework. Equinox Vigil contains 40 minutes of quite satisfying music.

The music on Equinox Vigil sits at the nexus of where the melodic strains of black and death metal meet. This is then enhanced with an epic heavy metal influence that can be felt in some aspects of the songs, (riffs, structures, vocals, etc). The end result is a fast-paced collection of tracks that dazzle with melodic colour and emotive shading as they tear through the running time.

The drums furiously rage while the guitars unleash riff after riff. Melancholic melodies are the band’s prime ingredient, and everything else seems built around these. The melodies drive the music forward, powered by the drums and underpinned by the rhythm guitars, and are the leading lights of the songs. Sometimes relatively subtle, but mostly sharp and attention-grabbing, the songs’ melodic presence is impressive and moreish.

The vocals mainly consist of dark blackened screamed roars that are well-performed and allow the singer to vent his feelings appropriately. Epic cleans also occasionally appear, to great effect. These are sparingly used, but when they do appear they are very welcome additions to the music.

Equinox Vigil is a very enjoyable example of melodic black/death metal. The band are clearly very proficient at crafting this sort of music, and Inexorum have impressed with their material.

Very highly recommended.

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