Givre – Destin Messianique (Review)

Givre - Destin MessianiqueThis is the third album from Canadian black metallers Givre.

Givre play atmospheric black metal and on Destin Messianique they provide 35 minutes of raw and underground black metal with an academic and historical theme.

Givre’s atmospheric black metal is augmented with elements of post-rock, ambient, and folk. These are merged well into the band’s emotive vision for their music. A depressive black metal influence can also be felt clearly in the melancholy melodies, forlorn compositions, and the anguished vocals.

Samples and field recordings pepper the album, but mostly do not get in the way of the listener’s enjoyment. Expressive synths are common, and I really like what they contribute to the overall atmospheric presence of the record.

The music is dark and engaging. It’s filled with emotion and feeling, which Givre skilfully direct and channel into songs that build mood with superlative ease. The rich atmospheres that the band weave are immersive and sometimes surprisingly epic, lending a majestic side to the mournful moods on occasion. The songs are well-written, demonstrating a band that know what they want to achieve and who have the tools necessary to do so.

Destin Messianique is a well-crafted album that has much to offer fans of atmospheric and feeling-rich black metal.

Highly recommended.

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