Spectrum Mortis – Bit Meseri – The Incantation (Review)

Spectrum Mortis - Bit Meseri -The IncantationThis is the debut album from Spanish black/death/doom metal band Spectrum Mortis.

Spectrum Mortis play occult death metal with lashings of blackened malevolence and an air of ritualistic doom. Across 39 minutes the band preach their foul hymns and conduct their hideous ceremonies, drawing you uncertainly into their esoteric world.

This is blackened death/doom that’s played with intention and passion. The band’s songwriting takes the slow and steady approach, favouring mood and feeling over ostentatious displays of brutality or technicality. Spectrum Mortis take their time with their music, really making the listener feel the sinister atmosphere and macabre melodies as they twist around your spine.

The music is dark and atmospheric. A cloud of great evil gathers on the horizon as Spectrum Mortis practice their unsacred arts, and through these songs they do their best to channel it for their malefic aims.

The ritualistic, apocalyptic, funeral atmosphere is thick and strong. Even when on it picks up the pace or delivers blast beats, it doesn’t leave these dark auras behind it. This is an album of grim atmosphere first and foremost, and Bit Meseri – The Incantation is very effective at what it does.

Highly recommended.

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