Imperium – Ex Mortis Gloria (Review)

Imperium - Ex Mortis GloriaImperium are a technical Death Metal band from the UK. This is their third album.

It’s been six years since 2016’s monstrous Titanomachy, which was a very satisfyingly brutal record. Imperium are now back though, with 48 minutes of new material, and they are taking no prisoners.

Imperium seem to have a new singer in tow, and a fleshed-out lineup that includes the drummer of Dark Funeral. Along with guest spots by an ex-member of Nile and a member of Unfathomable Ruination, Imperium bring a strong package to the table.

Much like its predecessor, Ex Mortis Gloria is relentlessly brutal and packed to the rafters with punishing blast beats and blistering riffs. I’ve compared Imperium previously to Hate Eternal as a rough guide to the former’s sound, and this is still a good initial starting point, (and others such as Nile and Hour of Penance too). Imperium’s Roman-themed aggression has its own personality, however,

Rampant brutality may be a key feature of Est Mortis Gloria, but it is not the only one. Amidst the carnage you’ll also find atmosphere and melody; both weaponised and used sparingly, but there nonetheless and potent when unleashed. The band’s new singer has an accomplished growl that’s expressive and harsh. It’s deep, but not overly so, providing more of a mid-range assault.

Imperium’s songwriting is strong. The band know how to handle their violent style, and their ferocity doesn’t lack in finesse, dynamics, or skill. The songs have a range of belligerent flourishes and bloodthirsty ideas to keep the listener’s attention firmly focused on what is repeatedly smashing them in the face, and you will leave Est Mortis Gloria bruised and battered, but quite satisfied.

Est Mortis Gloria is a welcome return from Imperium. The band’s brutal technicality is precise and high impact.

Highly recommended.

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