Unfathomable Ruination – Decennium Ruinae (Review)

Unfathomable Ruination - Decennium RuinaeThis is the latest EP from UK death metallers Unfathomable Ruination.

After the tight ball of fury that was 2019’s Enraged and Unbound, it’s good to hear from Unfathomable Ruination once more. This new EP contains 20 minutes of material – three new songs, and a rerecorded version of an old one.

This EP is a concentrated shot of visceral ferocity. The band’s technical intricacy is blended with a core of pure brutality, resulting in songs that savagely mutilate in a variety of complex and dizzying ways. The riffs fly at you fast and furious, and you’d better duck or be decapitated.

Unfathomable Ruination are crushingly heavy. Whether this manifests as a huge slam section, murderous burly riffs, or hyperspeed technicality, it’ll leave you battered and bleeding, yet wanting more. The band’s blast beats are dangerous and can run right through you if you’re not careful.

If you’re a fan of brutally proficient death metal then Decennium Ruinae is a winner. What’s not to like? This is damn good stuff, and there’s a very good chance that many a death metal enthusiast will leave this EP bruised, but satisfied.

Check this out.

FAVOURITE TRACK: Disciples of Pestilence. Brutal, but melodically-sharp.

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