Lucifer’s Fall/Eldritch Rites – Graveyard Rites – Split (Review)

Lucifer's Fall Eldritch Rites - Graveyard Rites LF CoverLucifer’s Fall and Eldritch Rites are both Australian doom metal bands, and they have teamed up for this spilt release.

The inimitable Lucifer’s Fall, (check out this, this, this, this, and this), start off the split – 3 songs, 18 minutes.

Birthed from the sessions for III: From the Deep, these songs are classic Lucifer’s Fall – confident, catchy, and damn good. The band are so charismatic and proficient at what they do I just really love all of their material.

The Mesmerist has a solid groove that demands you move, and some really infectious melodies. I especially like when you can hear the swirling bass. The Furthest Shore has a really old-school doom feeling, with riffing to match. It’s steeped in doom atmosphere, and really hits the spot. Apparently it’s an older song from when most of the band were in Rote Mare. The Asylum/Graveyard Rising ends things very nicely, with a short acoustic intro before the main song delivers once again a classic Lucifer’s Fall knockout blow. It’s probably my favourite of the three.

Lucifer's Fall Eldritch Rites - Graveyard Rites ER CoverEldritch Rites – a band I’m unfamiliar with before now – also offer three tracks, with a total duration of 19 minutes.

Eldritch Rites deliver a sound that’s not a million miles away from that of Lucifer’s Fall, and you can hear the shared Reverend Bizarre love. The band offer a more underground version of doom metal though, with wild, wailed, unrestrained vocals and a obvious heavy metal influence that’s lacking in Lucifer’s Fall.

Death of the Grinder lays Eldritch Rites’ cards on the table, and it’s clear that the band know how to rock out. Our Time Has Come is the longest song on the split – nearly 11 minutes – and is wonderfully slow and macabre. Out of the three tracks here, this is my top pick. FEEL THE DOOM! The final cut is the eponymously named Eldritch Rites, which is fast and untamed. It’s quite the ride.

Graveyard Rites is a fun split with some great content. Lucifer’s Fall’s side is my favourite, of course, (but then it was always going to be). Eldritch Rites’ sound is more of an acquired taste, but still worth your time.

Check this out.

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