Lucifer’s Fall – II: Cursed & Damned (Review)

Lucifer's FallLucifer’s Fall are an Australian doom metal band and this is their second album.

We know Lucifer’s Fall from their 2014 debut album Lucifer’s Fall and their 2015 EP, (the title track of which also appears on this latest album).

Do you like Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre? Yes? Then you’ll also like Lucifer’s Fall. This is traditional doom metal played with attitude and character.

The songs are heavy, catchy and have lots of personality. Once again; Reverend Bizarre seem to be a particular influence, but not enough that Lucifer’s Fall can be considered derivative. Rather, some of Reverend Bizarre’s greatness has rubbed off on Lucifer’s Fall, which is no bad thing at all.

The band put in an enthusiastic metal display throughout this 56 minutes. There’s good flow through the songs and the variety of speeds used helps keep things interesting. With big riffs and good writing, the songs hit more than they miss.

I like that the singer’s voice seems to be improving with age, as is his confidence in his delivery. A strong performance is given throughout with all vocals.

The album’s recording lends the songs an earthy air, and the production is warm and welcoming.

Another strong outing from Lucifer’s Fall. The band are getting better and more confident at what they do with every release, and II: Cursed & Damned is a most agreeable album.

Check it out.

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