Lucifer’s Fall – Tales from the Crypt (Review)

Lucifer's Fall - Tales from the CryptLucifer’s Fall are an Australian doom metal band and this is their latest release. It’s an oddball collection of rarities – live tracks, rehearsals, covers, splits, demos, etc. – 62 minutes of raucous, rocking doom metal. Sorry, DOOM METAL!

I can’t help but really like Lucifer’s Fall. They’ve got songs, they’ve got attitude, and they’ve got balls. What’s not to like?

Also, the title track of the band’s 2015 EP Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall, (a version of which is on this release), has become so iconic in my head that every time I think of this band I just want to shout it at the top of my voice at random passers by. “Hey! You over there! FUCK YOU WE’RE LUCIFER’S FALL!!!”

Yep, that’s probably how it’s going to end for me.

Until then, we have this latest release to enjoy from the band. Containing all manner of different types of tracks, it’s an incoherent and seemingly random collection of bits and bobs that nonetheless manages to stay focused enough to provide a solid chunk of musical entertainment.

The band’s music is raw and unpolished, and their unapologetic take on traditional doom metal is endearing and highly enjoyable because of it. There’s a certain punk aesthetic and feel to Lucifer’s Fall, especially on this release, but mostly the band are just unabashedly METAL, and revel in the glory of DOOM! God, you have to love capitalisation now and again.

Underground, warts-and-all, Tales from the Crypt is just a great listen.

Check it out.

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