Morbid Evils – Supernaturals (Review)

Morbid Evils - SupernaturalsThis is the third album from Morbid Evils, a Finnish doom band.

Featuring a member of Rotten SoundSupernaturals contains four tracks, with a total duration of 40 minutes. The promo blurb mentions bands like Primitive Man, Jupiterian, 71TONMAN, Thou, Conan, Grief, and Warcrab, and this certainly sets the scene for the output of Morbid Evils quite well.

Morbid Evil’s malevolent doom has been cruelly injected with hateful sludge and then further enriched with elements of death metal, making for a dark, evil take on the style. Supernaturals is fearsome and not for the weak of heart.

This is music most heavy and foul. The presence of each song is imposing and menacing, and they spread their virile rot before them as they unfold in all of their malignant glory. Sinister melodies escape ahead of the music like an atmospheric harbinger of destruction, while the soul-shredding vocals are as harsh as everything else here.

Supernaturals is glacial and unrelenting in its punishing doom embrace, making the absolute greatest advantage of its grim atmosphere. However, there are also bouts of violent groove and vicious aggression that threaten to spill out of the speakers like a maelstrom of polluted savagery. You can sometimes hear the music building up to this state, like it’s working itself up into a frenzy, while at other times the whirlwind seems to appear out of nowhere, like explosions of brutal carnage. Either way, the songs take great delight in slaughtering the opposition before once again becoming satiated and sluggish as the putrid doom reasserts itself.

These four nightmarish Hellscapes are caustic and exceptionally bleak, yet don’t sacrifice atmosphere or texture to achieve this. This is a crushingly punishing record of pitch black doom sludge.

Highly recommended.

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