Psychlona – Palo Verde (Review)

Psychlona - Palo VerdeThis is the third album from UK stoner rock band Psychlona.

Palo Verde delivers 49 minutes of quality psychedelic stoner rock.

Psychlona know how to groove, and groove they do throughout a sizeable chunk of Palo Verde. Big riffs and bigger rhythms roll out without haste, while laid back vocals amiably sail across them. Throw in some delectable melodies and a strong drum/bass backbone, and you have the raw ingredients for a very satisfying release.

The music is infused with emotive colour and melodic depth. The 70s-influenced songs are fuzzy and warm, yet have a commanding presence that’s very contemporary. The band operate in a few different speeds, moods, and stylistic areas, making for music that’s nicely textured with a variety of engaging details. Psychedelic explorations, desert rock sojourns, cosmic space rock expeditions, and the occasional doom foray all lend the tracks a staying power that belies their relatively straightforward nature. Ultimately this is down to Psychlona’s strong songwriting skills and their ability to deliver the goods.

Palo Verde is a very enjoyable and gratifying album that’s sure to earn Psychlona much adoration. Rightfully so too, as it is an album with much to offer fans of the style. Psychlona deliver a collection of tracks that’s not only fun, but that has depth and longevity.

Highly recommended.

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