Ad Noctem Funeriis – Abyss, Fire, Brimstones (Review)

Ad Noctem Funeriis - Abyss, Fire, BrimstonesThis is the third album from Italian black metallers Ad Noctem Funeriis.

Abyss, Fire, Brimstones contains 44 minutes of pure blackened aggression. Ad Noctem Funeriis play a stripped-back, focused version of black metal that derives its core from the dark heart of the second wave.

These songs are fast and merciless. Harsh and unforgiving, they rage against the light, spitting venom and acid at all of creation. Streaks of blackened melody add texture to the band’s assault, creating mood and atmosphere as the songs blast and rend their way through reality.

I can’t help but really like this sort of furious black metal. It reeks off the old-school, yet is also basically timeless. Ad Noctem Funeriis play this sort of music so well. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into these compositions, and it’s really easy to get swept along with the band’s fiery passion and melodic might.

The raw aggression of Abyss, Fire, Brimstones does lessen here and there, allowing some breathing space and mood-building, but it’s the sublime Brimstones I where it fades completely, as this superlative track is an unexpected acoustic piece.

If you have a taste for 90s-style occult black metal, with dark atmosphere, searing melodies, and murderous speed, then Abyss, Fire, Brimstones should more than satisfy.

Highly recommended.

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