Sensory Amusia – Breed Death (Review)

Sensory Amusia - Breed DeathSensory Amusia are an Australian death metal band and this is their second album.

I was impressed by Sensory Amusia’s 2020 EP Bereavement, so I definitely wanted to check out whatever they did next. This turned out to be Breed Death, which scratches my modern death metal itch very nicely indeed.

With the first song on the album having a duration of less than a minute, I was braced for the traditional pointless intro. Instead I was blasted away by a minute of furious grindcore. Nice. The remaining seven songs consist of modern technical death metal played with elements of melody and grind.

The band’s furious and highly aggressive delivery is tight and professional. The songs are packed with technical grooves, piercing leads and precision blast beats. The combination of harsh brutality, complex detail, and melodic dynamics is compelling, and makes for songs that are very satisfying and enjoyable. The music is heavy and nasty, but also knows how to create depth and mood amidst the wanton carnage.

The music is well-written and of a high quality. Breed Death is very well-developed and deserves to propel Sensory Amusia to the upper levels of the modern death metal hierarchy. If you’re a fan of bands such as Aborted, Antigama, Beneath the Massacre, Benighted, Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Job for a Cowboy, Misery Index, and Xenobiotic, then you’ll probably find much to like within the 31 minutes of Breed Death.

Very highly recommended.

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