Blue Heron – Ephemeral (Review)

Blue Heron - EphemeralBlue Heron are a heavy rock band from the US and this is their debut album.

I quite enjoyed Blue Heron’s brief two-track debut EP that they released last year, so when Ephemeral appeared I thought I’d take the time to see how they were coming along. In fact, Black Blood of the Earth from that release makes a reappearance on Ephemeral.

On their debut album Blue Heron take us on a 49-minute journey into hard rock. Taking elements from a diverse array of related places, (such as stoner, doom, sludge, and psychedelic rock), Ephemera offers a compelling vision of what can, in the right hands, make the desert rock style so enjoyable.

The songs are well-written and use their influences well. There’s a range of song lengths and styles showcased across the album, and the band hold the listener’s interest well throughout the running time. Each track has something substantial to offer the listener, whether it’s the sprawling doomed-out psychedelia of 14-minute Sayonara, or the dreamy interlude of Infiniton Field. Blue Heron know what they’re doing with this sort of music.

The singer’s voice sounds strong and his performance is as wide-ranging as the music. He handles the material well, and the music’s raw, earthy approach to rock is mirrored in his capable voice.

If you fancy a mix of bands such as Orange Goblin, Soundgarden, Red Fang, and Kyuss, then Ephemeral is one for you to definitely check out.

Highly recommended.

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