Antigama – Depressant (Review)

AntigamaAntigama are a Polish grindcore band and this is their latest EP.

I always like it when there’s new material from Antigama. If you haven’t heard them before, also check out Meteor and The Insolent, as both are well worth your time.

Antigama specialise in controlled grinding chaos, producing hyper-aggressive songs that steal from multiple styles and eras of extreme music, all channelled into short blasts of modern brutality.

Despite this, the band’s material is always quite diverse, and usually contains a surprising amount of nuance, atmosphere, and emotive content. The latter aspects are frequently supplied by the band’s experimental streak, which allows them the freedom to experiment with atypical sounds and noises as they like. Considering the band are essentially trying to sand your face off with their music, this is no mean feat to achieve.

Part of what makes Antigama so compelling is their ability to combine the above into actual songs. No matter how warped, mutated, experimental, or chaotic things get, the band never lose control, and always know how to ground things in a central beat, riff, melody, etc.. This may be music dedicated to ultraviolence, but it’s also impressively catchy and memorable at the same time.

On Depressant, this approach is focused and restrained into 19 minutes of seemingly themed material. Combining grinding dissonance, hardcore energy, experimental aggression, and channelled insanity, this EP is yet another superlative work from this talented group of grindcore fanatics.

Highly recommended.

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