Predatory Light – Death and the Twilight Hours (Review)

Predatory Light - Death and the Twilight HoursThis is the second album from US black metallers Predatory Light.

Featuring current and ex-members of Vanum and Ash Borer, Death and the Twilight Hours contains 38 minutes of charismatic black metal, and is the follow up to 2016’s Predatory Light.

Predatory Light have crafted four hymns to the darkness on their latest record, and each one of them displays diseased character and expressive nightmare atmosphere.

The music is dark and melodic, with a monstrous underground feel. The songs combine the raw atavistic nature of South American black metal with elements of the more traditional European sound, (Dissection, for example), and then cloak this in a more individual, avant-garde vision. The end result is four blackened apocalyptic soundscapes that mix feral aggression with spectral mood, potent melodies, and the occasional doom workout.

This is the sort of music that almost catches you unawares. You know you like and are enjoying it, but it takes a little while to properly appreciate just how much. The band’s songwriting, delivery, and especially their use of melodies are all moreish, and as soon as you’re no longer exposed to them you find yourself wishing that you were. Before you realise it you’re spinning Death and the Twilight Hours once more to revel in Predatory Light’s melodic assault.

Death and the Twilight Hours is a well-crafted slice of underground blackened darkness.

Highly recommended.

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