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The new Warfather album – The Grey Eminence – is a focused, atypical take on death metal’s savagery; a thinking man’s brutality that still knows how to let loose and blast out a good tune. It’s a very catchy and memorable album that impresses on first exposure and merely improves the more you listen to it. Vocalist/guitarist Steve Tucker tells us more…

Introduce us to Warfather!

Warfather consists of myself on guitar and vocals, Jake Koch on Guitar and Bryan Bever on Drums, I played the bass on the album, however we will use a live bassist that also does some vocals with me.

What are your influences?

I believe the Influences in Warfather would be Old school metal and Thrash, early death metal.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

I haven’t had time lately to listen to much music outside of what I have been working on myself. I prefer to get pretty intimate with songs while writing, and I have no desire to hear anything else until what I am working on is finished.

Tell us about The Grey Eminence

The Grey Eminence is the Second album for Warfather , there is a whole new line up , with exception to myself.

The album focuses on people with power and their agendas, be they hidden or in plain sight. But more than anything, it is a death metal album that I am very proud of!

What’s the process you use for writing songs?

Every song is different, I don’t really have a process, I have in fact tried to be more regimental , however this does not work for me. What works best for me is allowing time for the song to develop naturally.

On The Grey Eminence everyone contributed to the writing process, Jake contributed entire songs and Bryan made great contribution in the final arrangements of the songs.

Warfather 1

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

At the moment , my favorite song is Judgement, the Hammer. That songs pumps me up, it starts off very mid tempo and powerful and at the end of the song it gradually gets faster and more chaotic, but the best part for me is When Erik Rutan’s vocals come in with my own. When that happens, I feel this ridiculous amount of power and aggression, and the lyrics express that same aggressive frustration, it is a pretty amazing ending to a song!

How do you think The Grey Eminence compares with your first album, Orchestrating the Apocalypse?

The two albums are drastically different. It is not easy to compare them. A lot of bad decisions were made on the first album. However, on The Grey Eminence there were excellent decisions made. The best decision was made a year before the album was recorded, that was to work with Erik Rutan. From that point on, everything went very smooth.

How do you think your music will progress in the future?

That isn’t something I think about. I know I have changed through the years. Every year I am playing guitar for another year, and learning new things. There are times that I miss the days of knowing less and just jamming until something cool came out of it. There are times now that I will think, avoid that minor scale…… I used to not even know what a minor scale was.

I do know that I will keep playing and whatever comes out, it will be my natural progression, but still death metal.

Tell us about the cover artwork

The cover artwork was done by an artist named Ken Coleman, an artist from Limerick, Ireland. Ken also did the artwork on the first album.

The Grey Eminence artwork is of course symbolic in many ways. I really don’t like to explain what art is about, I believe that should be left to the individual. However, the cover represents the holders of power, the more you look into the images the more you recognise the presence of slaves, and the overall nastiness of the Golems. I think the artwork is absolutely amazing.


How important is good album art to you?

I think it is very important, I think it is an opportunity to give a visual cue as to what the vibe of the album is.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the music industry in 2016?

It seems that lots of people steal music and they don’t see it as stealing. This has caused the music industry to struggle and become reluctant to invest in something that they cannot profit from.

If people could steal electricity, or petrol in the same manner, governments around the world would put an end to the thefts. But we are talking about art, not petrol…

Therefore the musicians are left trying their best to continue to do what they love, something that makes people happy, or they are forced to join “The real world” get jobs and become robots like everyone else.

Of course there are some bands with DIY success stories, but rarely are they a new band, they are usually an older band with a solid fan base.

One thing that has come of all of this , is that there are some dudes doing some pretty impressive albums in their bedrooms or basements or whatever.

What are your views on death metal scene in 2016, and how do you think Warfather fit into it?

It seems to me that there are a lot of great bands playing death metal in 2016. Death metal is more diverse now than it ever has been. There are all these sub-genres now, hahah. I find it kind of funny, but I find labelling is a worldwide phenomenon, we are in an age where everything must fall under its own banner, because everyone is special…

I don’t really know where Warfather fits in, I think media or the fans decide what label to put a band under…probably old school would fit us, if you like.

Do you have any upcoming live shows booked? Are there any bands you;re looking forward to playing with?

We are working on logistics now, soon we will make some announcements.

I have many bands that I would love to do shows with, one band would be Hate Eternal, that tour would be a blast I am sure.

What are the next steps for Warfather?

The Grey Eminence comes out September 16, 2016, that is the next step, then some shows!!!

Any final words?

Cheers and stay Brutal!!!


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