Hyrgal – – (Review)

Hyrgal - -Hyrgal are a French black metal band and this is their third album.

I enjoyed both 2017’s Serpentine and 2020’s Fin de Règne, so is well-received, if unusually titled. We once again get seven tracks of dark black metal art, this time with a duration of 38 minutes.

Channelling the cold blackened heart of the classic style into songs that rage with frosted fury, Hyrgal’s new album is quite the satisfying listen. Filled with icy groove and hard, lethal speed, these songs are a solid example of modern black metal that has learned from the classic style well.

The songs are well-crafted and menacing. Armed not only with cold darkness, but also with elements of grim atmosphere and mysterious melody, the music unfolds with harsh intensity. The album has a merciless brutality to it that’s very effective, yet this also has room for nuance in places. Bolstered by the atmospheric and melodic components, the album’s abrasive qualities are tempered into a well-considered and well-rounded collection of modern blackened hymns.

The singer sounds more aggressive and unhinged than ever. Unlike the music he is largely untempered by diluting elements, and remains almost completely abrasive and scathing throughout. Note the qualifiers here though, as his voice also demonstrates more emotive qualities in places – cleans and semi-cleans do appear, rarely, for example.

is a solid and enjoyable work by a band that know their style well.

Highly recommended.

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