Assumption – Hadean Tides (Review)

Assumption - Hadean TidesThis is the second album from Italian death/doom band Assumption.

Following on from 2014’s The Three Appearances and 2018’s AbsconditusHadean Tides contains 56 minutes of new material from Assumption.

Assumption play death/doom metal that stirs psychedelic, atmospheric, progressive, ambient, and funeral doom ingredients liberally into itself, making for an engaging concoction that has character and presence.

The songs are atmospheric and vast, crafting majestic soundscapes filled with misery and awe-inspiring cosmic nightmare. The band’s combination of bowel-churning doom, colossal death metal, and immersive atmosphere is both satisfying and effective. One of the things I like about Assumption is that despite focusing on the bottomless well that is doom, the band don’t skimp on the death metal when it’s needed.

The band’s synth elements have been enriched and expanded by a range of complimentary sounds, (choral aspects, ambience, strings). These are not overused, so that when they appear they bring value with them. Breath of the Dedalus eschews the death and the doom completely, focusing on these atmospheric aspects instead.

Assumption’s use of mournful melody is well-developed. The music blends death metal and doom, and the melodies cross both with ease, joining them together with a mood-based glue that holds fast.

Crushing and atmospheric, while also remaining dynamic and vibrant, Hadean Tides is a great example of how to play death/doom well. If you’re a fan of the style, and enjoy hour bands like Esoteric, Monolithe, and Evoken, then this is one for you to check out.

A recommended listen.

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