Assumption – Absconditus (Review)

AssumptionThis is the debut album from Italian death/doom band Assumption.

Get ready to explore the cosmos once more with Assumption. Debut EP The Three Appearances laid out the initial path, but now Absconditus takes us on the full journey.

This is esoteric doom metal, taking in elements of progressive, psychedelic, and funeral doom as it spreads out and encompasses vast distances with its involving and absorbing soundscapes. These immense dirges are well-written and succeed in engaging the listener from the start to the end of the album. The progression from the early EP is clear, and this album features music that is a surprisingly multi-faceted beast considering the usually single-minded nature of releases like this.

The album consists of three tracks, and is structured so that a smaller middle track is bookended by two huge 15-minute monsters. Throughout these songs, Assumption create a crushing, yet textured sound, crafting vivid doomscapes that show both a passion and talent for their art. Although undoubtedly heavy when it needs to be, there’s lighter and softer parts aplenty on the release, adding shade and colour to the inherent overall darkness and doom that the songs mainly portray.

Occasional keyboards/synths add further depth, although it should hopefully be apparent by this point that the bulk of the material on Absconditus is not lacking in this at all. Surprisingly extravagant and curiously resplendent melodies sometimes rear up out of the despondent, expressive music, and are a real treat when they appear.

The deep deathgrowls that serve as the vocals are as immaculately performed as anything else here, and seem like they’re dragging all light into some unnameable abyss whenever they’re around.

If you’re in the market for death/doom that provides the listener with something wider-ranging and more expansive than the norm, while still delivering the goods as you would expect, seek this out.

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