In Aphelion – Moribund (Review)

In Aphelion - MoribundThis is the debut album from In Aphelion, an international black metal band.

Featuring members of  Cryptosis and Necrophobic, Moribund contains 58 minutes of blazing, blistering high quality black metal.

The band’s melodic black metal contains elements of death, thrash, and heavy metal, making for a very enjoyable and well-rounded work. The black metal is dark and icy, while the emotive leads that are borrowed from thrash and heavy metal are full of vibrant colour and rich feeling. These latter influences also lend the music an accessible side, but without diluting its essential 90s blackened core. The death metal just adds extra muscle here and there, as it is wont to do.

The songwriting is strong and the songs on Moribund are moreish and catchy. The band’s aggressive assault is enriched with a melodic prowess that’s as striking and impactful as it is long-lasting. The guitars on this album are one of its most distinctive strengths, (although it has many of these), and the solos and leads in particular are ridiculously infectious and brimming with emotion. In fact, the solos and leads are some of the most beautiful I’ve heard in some time.

As a band In Aphelion have excelled in their debut creation. Moribund is a great record, and I heartily recommend it for anyone into melodic black metal that wants both bite and emotive depth.

Essential listening.

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