Hellblind – A Plague on All Your Houses (Review)

Hellblind - A Plague on All Your HousesHellblind are a UK metal band and this is their debut EP.

This new band is made up of current/ex-members of Pitchshifter, Stampin’ Ground, Romeo Must Die, Outside the Coma, and This Is Menace. The band play heavy music and do so with enthusiasm. Combining elements of groove metal and hardcore, they spend 15 minutes – 5 songs – smashing the listener with meaty riffs, aggressive shouts, and pounding drums.

The well-written songs waste no time, and three of them don’t even breach three minutes in length. They’re structured around a classic song-based approach, with plenty of hooks to grab hold of. There’s a 90s feel to aspects of the music, but it’s delivered with enough modern flair that the songs don’t sound old-school, dated, or stale; Hellblind seem to have the correct mix of ingredients to strike the right balance between the tried-and-tested, and a more contemporary personality of their own.

A Plague on All Your Houses is a good start for the band. If they can build and develop on what’s here, then the future should hopefully be bright for Hellblind.

A recommended listen.

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