Eldritch – Eos (Review)

Eldritch - EosThis is the twelfth album from Eldritch, an Italian power/progressive metal band.

I’ve returned to 2014’s Tasting the Tears more times than I would have thought over the years; it’s just a really good album. Imagine my surprise to discover that they’ve had two entire albums out since that one, and that’s before we even get to their latest release, Eos.

This may be their twelfth album but Eldritch show no signs of fatigue or writers block. Eos contains 68 minutes of music, and for fans of progressive and power metal, it’s a real treat. I like that Eldritch aren’t stuck in the past and embrace a variety of different styles and influences from across the eras. A range of these can be heard, from the progressive and power ones you might expect, to other rock, heavy metal, and thrash ones. Blending old and new into a personable brand of contemporary metallic might, Eos is impressive and enjoyable.

The songs are big and full of character, with sterling melodies, soaring choruses, and shredding guitars aplenty. All of the instruments get a chance to shine, but I enjoy the keyboards and guitars especially. It is all captured by a sterling recording that allows everything to sound crystal clear; you can almost taste the crisp crunch of the riffs.

The band write detailed, textured songs that are fun and satisfying to listen to. The tracks on Eos are crafted by artisans who know their work inside out. Full of catchy moments, good ideas, and memorable hooks, this is a great collection of songs for fans of progressive power metal to get their teeth stuck into. There’s also a Bon Jovi cover tacked onto the end, which isn’t half bad.

Eldritch have not disappointed. Packed with high quality songs delivered by a band who are experts in their fields, Eos is a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable experience.

Very highly recommended.

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