Vomit the Soul – Cold (Review)

Vomit the Soul - ColdThis is the third album from Vomit the Soul, an Italian death metal band.

Featuring current and ex-members of Bloodtruth and Septycal Gorge, Vomit the Soul play brutal slam death metal.

Containing 34 minutes of Dying Fetus-esque heaviness, (minus the wild technical flourishes), Cold is a very enjoyable slab of ferocious nastiness.

Vomit the Soul’s brutal slam is huge and murderous. Thick meaty riffs, crushing slam breakdowns, and savage blast beats all combine to create songs that make you want to rampage. The band know exactly how to deliver their platter of groove-n-blast death metal, and they do so very well. Cold is not an album to stay still too.

It’s easy to enjoy something like this. If you are acclimatised to the style, then these songs will easily have you moving hard as the band churn out gory riffs and barbaric grooves. The vocalist is good too; his growls are deep, guttural, and disgustingly foul, but without straying fully into pignoise territory.

Cold is a solid example of classic brutal slam. If you’re a fan of the genre then there’s plenty here to hold your attention as it pulverises and punishes.

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