Dauþuz – Vom Schwarzen Schmied (Review)

Dauþuz - Vom Schwarzen SchmiedThis is the fourth album from German black metallers Dauþuz.

Vom Schwarzen Schmied gives us 57 minutes of well-crafted black metal to sink our teeth into.

The music is rooted in the old-school, combining elements of the first and second waves, and presents mostly as raw aggression twinned with epic atmosphere. Dauþuz have an engaging way with melody, and this is vivid and bright, in contrast to the rest of the music’s darker delivery. The band also take from folk and the symphonic styles too, both of which add extra facets to their music’s personality.

The songs are written with a clear understanding of and passion for the material. Frequently epic in scope and character, while still retaining an underground feel holistically, it reminds of a cross between Bathory, Summoning, and Burzum, at least in part. In other areas acoustic tracks are used as extended interludes to the main blackened songs, and these work very well.

The vocals are well-performed, mixing a diverse range of piercing screams with a number of other styles, from deep growls to epic chants and choirs.

Vom Schwarzen Schmied has a lot to offer adherents of the style. Fans of the underground who want to plumb the dark depths of the old world should find plenty to explore here.

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