Hyperdontia – Hideous Entity (Review)

Hyperdontia - Hideous EntityThis is the second album from Hyperdontia, an international death metal band.

Hyperdontia, (who feature current and ex-members of Burial Invocation, Diabolizer, and Sulphurous), present us with 39 minutes of old-school death metal on Hideous Entity.

The songs are constructed from malevolent riffs, brutal heaviness, and crushing doom intensity. The filthy guitars swirl with sharp churning grooves that carve flesh from bone. Occasionally the band inject macabre mood and sinister melody into the songs, and these parts are especially effective. The music can sometimes display a skill for intricacy alongside its barbaric core, especially with some of the bass lines. This technical element enhances the songs without taking away from the raw, monstrous nature of the bulk of the music. Angular dissonance is also part of Hyperdontia’s repertoire, and this is wielded like a weapon when it is deployed.

The compositions are memorable and have enough hooks to ensnare the unwary. The band intimately understand death metal at a granular level, and this is well-realised on Hideous Entity.

This punishing album is a great example of how to play old-school death metal with character, skill, and depth. Hideous Entity is a very enjoyable and gratifying listen, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is a fan of death metal.

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